Telemedicine in Italy: a bridge between innovation and tradition

Telemedicina in Italia

The perfect synergy between technological innovation and previous knowledge: this is what telemedicine in Italy represents   

The perfect mix between innovation and tradition: that’s the secret of telemedicine in Italy, a promising intuition that has quickly become a tangible reality, and an indispensable resource. Technological innovation has allowed us to exponentially increase our possibilities, expanding the horizons of our imagination. All this, however, is not to act in contrast with the past and traditions.

The technical upgrade has created a pathway to channel and enhance our knowledge and skills.  

Today, more than ever, it has become clear the necessity, as well as the fundamental importance, to work in synergy between the national health system and technological innovation.

But this must be a first step towards this renovation, we must not let this progress go to waste by putting aside the improvements and implementations developed in these years (to read more about this, check out "Global pandemic: what are the critical issues?"), we risk losing a unique opportunity.

Our hope is that this will be the first step towards acceptance and implementation of digital healthcare.

Telemedicine: a leap into the past  

All of us have started to become familiar with the concept of home care, a topic that has become particularly spoken about in light of the recent health crisis, that has upset the certainties, which our society was based upon.   

The first trials of the home care project started in the mid-900; from there we were routed on a path of constant growth, following the evolution of technological innovations.   

When we hear about telemedicine our thoughts inevitably run towards images and concepts linked to an imaginary future (and in some cases even futuristic).

It is therefore difficult not to betray a glimmer of astonishment in learning that its first sprouts were already present since the early 50's in the United States.

As it often happens, we find ourselves witnessing a scenario that is intended to be, day after day, a pillar of the foreseeable future, and then realize that the foundations of this project were already there, waiting for the technological push to align with an idea that, in the mid-900s, could only be considered visionary.

The first remote consultation experiments date back to the 50s, a tool that later proved to be of fundamental importance during space missions: in the 60s the health conditions of the astronauts were monitored at a distance, ensuring new experimental opportunities for the telemedicine project.

The promises of technological advancement  

The potential promised by a good application of telemedicine in Italy immediately catches the eye:

  • Less need to visit hospitals and clinics and, consequently, being able to assist “regular” patients in optimal conditions for both parties.  
  • A more efficient medical care on the territory, going to bring a more valid system of rationalization of resources.
  • The ability to monitor chronic patients easily and dynamically (about 40% of the Italian population regularly need to report to their doctor their health status).   
  • The advantage of home care for doctors who offer psychic or nutritional support, professional categories towards which the opportunity of teleworking might be foreshadowed, is also prominent.  

Telemedicine in Italy: a fundamental strategic element

The steady increase in demographic trends and the consequent need to change and update the needs of patients, with the need to offer better surveillance and healthcare, make digital medicine the right tool to better locate the supply of our healthcare system.

All this therefore makes it possible to label home care as a fundamental strategic element.  

Considering this, it is impossible to ignore all the advantages that the use of telemedicine in Italy would have.  

La telemedicina: strumento di innovazione tecnologica e culturale. a.a. 2012/2013 | Filippo Menabue. 

Simone Manciulli
Copywriter Medical sector
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